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New Year Resolutions 2014

Reconciled Termite

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As is customary, many people are deciding their New Year’s Resolutions for 2014. Here are some of the most popular goals for Americans according to Lose Weight, Save Money, Manage Debt, Take a Trip, Reduce Stress and Quit Smoking.  Although we at Reconciled Termite & Pest Control can’t help you drop pounds on the scale or kick your nicotine habit, we would love to contribute to lowering your stress level and saving you money! Here are some ways that we can help you with some of your major resolutions:

1. Structural repairs to a home after termite damage can cost, on average, between $400 and $1250 dollars! Avoid these costs and SAVE money by hiring Reconciled!

2. Spiders in the shower drain, ants on the counter, cockroaches in the garage…these are all reasons for stress and anxiety! Let us make your bugs our problem!

3. Reconciled prides itself on having competitive pricing. With the money saved on our services, feel free to take a trip (or maybe even pay for your new gym membership) in the New Year!

 Each New Year brings the opportunity to make a fresh start and to reach new milestones. Perhaps this is the year you’ll purchase a home or walk your daughter down the isle. Whatever events 2014 holds for you and your family, Reconciled Termite & Pest Control wants to ensure that pesky termites and other pests do not distract you from the important moments in your life.