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Another Happy Customer

Reconciled Termite

My husband and I were very excited to host our son’s second birthday party. A week prior to the big day, we noticed red ants crawling ALL over our backyard. I was so worried! We just invited a bunch of little toddlers over for a beach themed party and knew that most of the kids would be running around barefoot through our grass after playing in the pool. The last thing I wanted was to have our friends go home crying because some fiery red ants have viciously attacked their feet!  I called Reconciled and shared my concerns. They were so accommodating! Despite giving them short notice, they scheduled a time for a technician to take care of the red ant army that had infiltrated my yard.

I was so pleased as I walked through my yard, decorating for the party. There was not a single ant in site! I could not have been more pleased. With party favors, cake decorating and gift-wrapping to finish, I did not want to worry about another thing! On the day of the party, I was so happy to watch my son and his friends run around barefoot through the grass. Not once did I think about a red ant attack! I am so thankful to Reconciled for allowing me to enjoy my son’s birthday party without fear or worry!

5 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat!

Reconciled Termite

1. Stay Hydrated with non-caffeinated drinks. Caffeine will suck the moisture right out of your body!


2. Wear lose-fitting clothing. Constricting clothes will create more heat for your body.


3. Lights out! Shut the blinds and drapes and turn off the light bulbs. Sunlight & Light bulbs = heat

4. Grab some fruits and veggies instead of cooking with your oven or stove. Cooking with a skillet or oven will increase the heat in your home.


5. Utilize spray bottles & fans. Purchase small hand-held ones for when you are on the go!

June Bugs!

Reconciled Termite

June Bugs are appropriately named because they tend to make their appearance in the early summer months, emerging in great quantities in the month of June. They are found all over North America. As an adult, these bugs feed on vegetation. They eat during the night, usually on the leaves from trees and bushes. You might recognize them as the insect that swarms around your front porch light at night. June bugs are less than one inch in length and have a dark brown, hard casing. They typically hide in the trees during the day and fly around at night. They are extremely attracted to light (hence the porch light hang out spot). To keep these pests away from your home, try to keep outdoor lights off.

If you’d like to keep these bugs, as well as other summer pests away, please call Reconciled Termite & Pest Control Today!

Red Hot Weather, Red Hot Ants

Reconciled Termite

Although we are technically still in spring, the heat is starting to turn up as we approach summer. Many of us are seeking out the ocean, pools, shade and air conditioners to stay cool. But beware as you walk through your grassy lawn with bare feet! Red ants are busy at work building their colony and they are one insect that you don’t want to get heated!

Most people get bitten by red ants when they accidently step on their colony. While I’m sure that you’d love to explain that it was “just an accident”, these insects instinctually protect their home and can cause serious pain. Red ants, also known as “Fire Ants”, are much more aggressive than other species of their kind. Not only do they bite their victims with their jaws, but they also inject them with venom using an abdominal stinger. The sensation is often compared to being touched with a lit match.

Fire ants tend to nest in soil and moist areas, such as a well-irrigated lawn.  At Reconciled Termite & Pest Control, we want to ensure that your family can safely play outside without their shoes and that no harm will come to your outdoor pets. Let us eliminate the problem by ridding your lawns of red ants! 

Mexican Bean Beetle

Reconciled Termite

We hope that everyone enjoyed their Cinco de Mayo celebrations yesterday!  In extended celebration of this Mexican holiday, we’re talking about the Mexican Bean Beetle today! These little guys can do some serious damage to your gardens. Don’t be fooled by their name, these beetles are not exclusive to bean plants but can also attack squash, tomato, pea and beet crops. They are found around the United States and are laying their eggs during this time of the year. If you aren’t looking closely, you might mistake them for ladybugs. They sport 16 black spots on their back but their shells are a shade of yellow instead of the bright red color of the ladybug. 

If you are worried about these guys in your garden, be sure to check the undersides of leaves from now until early June. The female Mexican Bean Beetle is capable of laying 30-40 eggs every two days! These eggs will hatch 1-3 weeks later and begin to eat away at the foliage. While the damage is typically aimed at the leaves, the Mexican Bean Beetle can also cause lower crop yield and even kill your plant completely. Give Reconciled Termite & Pest Control a call to give these beetles a permanent siesta!