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Mexican Bean Beetle

Reconciled Termite

We hope that everyone enjoyed their Cinco de Mayo celebrations yesterday!  In extended celebration of this Mexican holiday, we’re talking about the Mexican Bean Beetle today! These little guys can do some serious damage to your gardens. Don’t be fooled by their name, these beetles are not exclusive to bean plants but can also attack squash, tomato, pea and beet crops. They are found around the United States and are laying their eggs during this time of the year. If you aren’t looking closely, you might mistake them for ladybugs. They sport 16 black spots on their back but their shells are a shade of yellow instead of the bright red color of the ladybug. 

If you are worried about these guys in your garden, be sure to check the undersides of leaves from now until early June. The female Mexican Bean Beetle is capable of laying 30-40 eggs every two days! These eggs will hatch 1-3 weeks later and begin to eat away at the foliage. While the damage is typically aimed at the leaves, the Mexican Bean Beetle can also cause lower crop yield and even kill your plant completely. Give Reconciled Termite & Pest Control a call to give these beetles a permanent siesta!