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Red Hot Weather, Red Hot Ants

Reconciled Termite

Although we are technically still in spring, the heat is starting to turn up as we approach summer. Many of us are seeking out the ocean, pools, shade and air conditioners to stay cool. But beware as you walk through your grassy lawn with bare feet! Red ants are busy at work building their colony and they are one insect that you don’t want to get heated!

Most people get bitten by red ants when they accidently step on their colony. While I’m sure that you’d love to explain that it was “just an accident”, these insects instinctually protect their home and can cause serious pain. Red ants, also known as “Fire Ants”, are much more aggressive than other species of their kind. Not only do they bite their victims with their jaws, but they also inject them with venom using an abdominal stinger. The sensation is often compared to being touched with a lit match.

Fire ants tend to nest in soil and moist areas, such as a well-irrigated lawn.  At Reconciled Termite & Pest Control, we want to ensure that your family can safely play outside without their shoes and that no harm will come to your outdoor pets. Let us eliminate the problem by ridding your lawns of red ants!